Dragonfly Transitions
Klamath Falls, Oregon

Dragonfly Transitions has three locations in Southern Oregon – Klamath Falls, Ashland, and the Homestead (softer landing for men just south of Klamath).


Education Coordinator


The coordinator works with the treatment team to provide support to students in achieving education goals while at Dragonfly. The coordinator identifies learning issues and special needs of students and works with local universities and resources to provide the necessary support.


  • Meet with students individually to identify education needs and make a plan to access support.
  • Communicate closely with therapists and entire treatment team around students’ education needs, availability of resources, and action plans.
  • Monitor students’ academic progress and communicate that with mentors and therapists.
  • Identify areas in which students need support during the semester and work with students and treatment team to put that support in place.
  • Communicate with families of students around education issues. Support families in understanding learning issues and support needs of their student.
  • Maintain a close, professional relationship with the education community in Klamath Falls.
  • Provide a study hall and opportunities for one on one tutoring for students.


  • Master’s degree in education, special education, psychology, or a related field
  • Minimum of 3 years experience working in the education or therapeutic field
  • Exceptional organization skills,
  • Enthusiasm for working with students with special needs
  • Bachelors will be considered based upon experience

This position requires a positive, working relationship with Dragonfly students and staff. The coordinator should be trained in the mentor position and may be asked to take on the responsibilities of the mentor.

Contact Information:
Mona Treadway, MSW